Cultural center / Communication & Interior

Image, communication and design
for the community

An important project of retaining trasform the old municipal building
 into the new cultural spot of Carugate.

The project begins with a series of meeting aimed to spot need and wishes of the city’s cultural groups.
The new architettonical project sees a big hall that divide the structure from south to north.
Primaries colors are choosen to identify the various sections of the structure: red for the library, yellow for the social groups and blue for the cultural associations

The idea of cultural house is a key concept of the Center.

The new Center name, ATRION, born from the union of the latin atrium, the semiclosed enviroment that gave accessto the roman houses, and odeon, the structure where cultural activities were use to take place.

Liberi di Scrivere,
the literary contest of Atrion

Atrion wants to be the Culture Center of Carugate, but also wants to become a reference model for requests of aggregation of the population and in particular of the young.

The idea of a literary competition that over time will become an important appointment with the participation of hundreds of writers is born.

Atrion, culture's house

The idea of a culture’s house is the key concept for the identity of the socio-cultural center.

The concept of the new architecture is based on a big hall, from which is possible to reach every space within the building.

Atrion is the union of the latin term atrium, the enviroment that allowed the acces to the roman houses and odeon, the place in which where held pubblic shows and cultural activities.

The brand Atrion, stylistically simple and easly recognisable,
is compose by multiple graphic elements that, merging together, creates a single element that contain everything.
In the same way the various parts of Atrion, put together their individuality giving born
to a wider and comprehensive organ, able to canalize the socio-cultural initiatives of Carugate.
The semantic’s game of the ending in ON, taken as technological meaning, active,
offer some really interesting graphic and creative ideas